Cookout - Middle Eastern Style

Middle Eastern Chicken Kebobs: big chunks of tender chicken breast swimming in a very special seasoning, juicy, bursting with flavor with a hint of sweetness grilled to perfection!

Kofta Kebobs (Ground Beef): ground beef are seasoned with fresh parsley, onions, and a savory mix of spices formed like fingers and grilled to perfect juiciness and doneness… Yum!


Fattoush Salad: This salad is a great mix of fresh vegetables, a bright dressing, and pieces of crisp pita chips. Easy, light, yet filling - it's a great addition to grilled dinners or as a light dinner all on its own. So colorful that will make your eyes smile!

Upcoming Calsses:

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German Spätzle, Meatballs and Rote Grütze

Sunday 04/19/2020
02:30 PM - 05:00 PM
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Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo, Pecan Salad Tiramisu

Saturday 04/25/2020
04:30 PM - 07:20 PM