Stuffed Whole Chicken

Each person will cook a whole chicken (2.5 lb.), generously seasoned inside and out with a special mix of spices and other ingredients to guarantee tenderness and juiciness, stuffed with spiced rice and ground beef, roasted to perfection! You'll also learn how to easily truss a chicken and even how to get the chicken clean, fresh and ready to be cooked, you're never going to eat another piece of dry, chalky or bland chicken again!

Side of traditional Tabouli, which is really a flat leaf parsley salad with some bulgur wheat scattered in to bulk it out, mint leaves and lemon juice also play an important role, and of course some other fresh veggies. So if you ever looked up the health benefits of parsley, you'll be surprised how important it is for your body, and when you think about it, people usually don't get a lot of this green leaf in their daily diet other than to garnish, so this recipe is a great tasty way for you to enjoy this super food.

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Sunday 09/15/2024
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