Freekeh (smoked green wheat) soup and pulled chicken rolls

If you’re always looking for new things to play around with in your kitchen. And if you think you like the names of food just as much as the food itself! Take freekeh, for example. How can you not like a grain called freekeh.

Learn how to cook this filling flavorful soup made from wholesome smoked green wheat and small bites of beef, a very healthy and exotic dish you’ll be glad to learn about it.

Rolls of pulled seasoned white meat chicken with this special spice called sumac* and wedges of onions sautéed in extra version olive oil…

Mmmmm Healthy-licious!

*Sumac is a tangy spice powder made from the ground, berry-like fruits of the sumac bush.

See what Dr. Oz is saying about this super food; Freekeh (smoked green wheat):

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