For many years I have prepared healthy, delicious and exotic dishes professionally and inexpensively, and now I would love to show you how to do this too! I know where to obtain special spices and exotic ingredients in Charlotte and how to combine them for perfect flavor. Do not worry if you are new to cooking or inexperienced,  I will help you master each step, I will also pass along some great cooking tips that will revolutionize your kitchen experience!

We believe in smaller class sizes because in order to enjoy cooking you don't need complicated culinary arts or feeling lost in a huge group of people. A hands-on cooking experience where you actually get involved in cooking is the way to go, you'll enjoy the friendly atmosphere and all the personal attention you're going to get to answer all your cooking related questions.  We also believe that seeing the rewarding results from your own cooking is a key to satisfy your hunger to learn cooking!

There is no need to bring anything to class other than yourself and your appetite (and fuzzy slippers if you'd like)! I supply all ingredients for you to dine in and even a carry out container for your leftovers, if any, to share your well balanced, healthy meal with your people at home. So let's get cooking!!