Sushi Class - Spicy Tuna Roll

Calling out all Sushi lovers...

In this class we will be making the following:

Seasoned Sushi Rice

Spicy Mayo

Spicy tuna: Basically Sashimi-Grade Tuna cubes mixed with spicy mayo.

Uramaki/California Roll (*Nori sheet from the inside), with seasoned rice, Spicy tuna, avocado sticks inside and garnished with toasted sesame seeds on the outside. Yum.

Red Dragon Roll with seasoned rice, crab sticks, cream cheese and cucumber inside, and Tuna slices placed on top of the roll resembling the scales of a dragon, then speinkled with sesame seeds and drizzled with spicy Mayo. So colorful, flavorful and delicious.

*Nori is roasted edible seaweed formed like sheets for rolling Sushi.

What’s amazing about this class is that you will learn the basic techniques of making Sushi so you can easily reacreate the recipe using your favorite ingredients like Sushi grade Salmon Or Shrimp Tempura or any type of seafood.  

Upcoming Calsses:

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Private Event - Balsamic Glazed Salmon & Pear Salad

Sunday 09/15/2024
05:30 PM - 07:30 PM