Private Event - Lamb Kabobs, Yellow Rice, & Yogurt Sauce!

Calling all grilled lamb lovers!

Come meet new people and learn how to make this delicious springy/summery meal.

Lamb Kabobs: Savory and juicy Mediterranean seasoned big boneless lamb chunks, on a skewer. Grilled to perfection, served hot over a bed of seasoned yellow rice. With grilled onions, tomatoes, and green bell peppers.

Seasoned Yellow Rice: Fluffy basmati rice, cooked with saffron, turmeric, cardamom and other spices.

Yogurt Sauce: Think tzatziki, tiny diced cucumbers with plain yogurt, garlic and dried mint leaves. Nothing screams refreshing more than yogurt sauce. 

Gluten Free

Upcoming Calsses:

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Private Event - Chicken Tikka Masala, Rice and Samosa

Sunday 06/23/2024
06:00 PM - 08:00 PM